Global biodiversity is collapsing, warn scientists

The first global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services has held humans largely responsible for looming mass extinction of species and has urged immediate action to avert disaster.


New Force in Fintech Space

Fintech, a fusion of finance and technology, is in lay man terms, the use of technology to deliver financial services and products to consumers.


What is the future of banking?

New trends in finance, from open banking to the rise of fintech startups, are shaking the industry and putting customers at the heart of the future of banking


The Robots That Manage the Managers

More companies are turning to AI-driven apps that aim to help newer bosses with reminders and tips on how to maintain a well-run office


Technology will deliver performance, says Phil King

And he says this isn't a bubble, though he agrees tech is a sector where there is a propensity for bigger blow-ups because like other high-growth segments, it can be prone to fraud and over-valuation.


In Nigeria, FinTechs show the way to alternative investments

That is the question that has been posed—and answered—by Nigeria’s Financial Technology (Fintech) companies which have applied the logic of crowdfunding to industries like agriculture and real estate, creating a range of new investment o