The Exponential Pull of Innovation: Googlization 2.0

As the global data ecosystem evolves and becomes more complex, there is a veritable flood of new players offering to help companies and individuals navigate an often confusing environment rife with opportunities and challenges.


What's next for Jack Ma's fintech unicorn?

Data show an increasing correlation between the growth of consumer loans and retail sales in the country. Ant could potentially play an even larger role here than it is already doing, with more skin in the game.


Year in Review: Technology

The company was actually founded nine years ago, and it wasn’t obscure by any means – it just didn’t have the audience it now boasts.


ESG preferences and MiFID suitability

Investment advisors and portfolio managers will soon be required to incorporate clients’ sustainablity (or ESG) preferences into their suitability assessments – what kind of challenges will this pose?