Five hard questions everyone should be asking

In a new white paper from Everlaw, you can take a deep dive into learning about why these difficult questions must be answered before making a final eDiscovery decision.


Human vs digital in banking transformation

Bethan Collins, solutions lead at Target Group, looks at four ways in which we mustn’t neglect the human factor as we develop the financial services of tomorrow.


After the Virus

After the virus the world is going to be quite different. Whether the current lockdown lasts weeks or months (heaven help us, years?) very little will remain unchanged by Covid-19.


SS&C Acquires Captricity

Acquisition adds Vidado, the enterprise machine learning paper-to-digital data transformation platform


The Future of Work at Home

Since the coronavirus struck, millions are suddenly having to work from home. Here are a few tips from someone who’s been doing it, happily, for 20 years.


Is the tech bubble ready to burst again?

Technology has been evolving over the past two decades at an incredible speed, but there is still innovation and opportunities are available every day for investors.