Arkk Solutions win Best RegTech Firm

The award really confirms that our focus on customer support and innovation is continuing to keep us at the forefront of reporting technology.


Saxo Bank publishes H1 2017 results

Clients’ collateral deposits continued to rise to a record high of DKK 98.3 billion and despite low volatility the operating income for the group reached DKK 1.56 billion compared to DKK 1.46 billion in 2016.


The existential challenge of AI

As AI technology evolves into artificial super intelligence (ASI), it will erode many job markets, Hames warns.


Fintech firms look to Ireland

Ireland could be a location choice for firms in the burgeoning financial technology (fintech) industry post- Brexit, according to a report from KPMG.


IT’s future value proposition

IT is poised to play a new, more strategic role in companies, one that moves beyond support to create business value through technology-based business innovation and digital initiatives.