The rise and rise of digital banking

The fact that smart phone adoption across the continent will double in the next four years means that Africans are getting tech-savvy at a rapid rate.


St. James’s Place – “Machine learning: AI and commodities”

As Ford’s CEO lost his job to the head of the driverless car division on one continent, the current Go world number one lost to a computer program called AlphaGo on another; however it is all too easy for investors to get carried away by such hi-tec


EValue comments on ING's robo-advice report

It’s a bit like asking would you be prepared to get into a self-driving car when you have no information about who has built it or whether it has been adequately tested in all road conditions.


Brits warming to online banking - Nationwide

“Innovation in personal finance is clearly something that intrigues people, as three in five believe we will be paying for everything via our thumbprint by 2037.”


Challenger banks leading the way in UK, research shows

The third annual PACE (Performance Against Customer Expectations) study surveyed 1,000 British banking customers, asking them about their banking experiences and how well their provider is meeting their banking needs.