What’s New in FinTech

Related to that is a willingness and recognition that shared next-generation technology platforms can make a big difference within and across institutions to create network value.


More Technology Players to Enter Banking in Asia

Our industry-leading customer service teams, available 24/7 in 160 countries, will help you fully leverage the deep information, analytics, data and trading capabilities on the Bloomberg Terminal.


How Will 5G Shake Up Banking And FinTech?

5G offers the possibility of new technology that can help FinTech and financial institutions — technology that can be thrown into the existing mix to fuel ongoing digital efforts.


Some banks love fintech, some may hate it

Even the most recent global financial crisis that stemmed from the subprime mortgage problems in the United States has still left some marks on the world economy after 10 years.


deVere CEO: The pound is shackled by Brexit

The warning from Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere Group, comes as sterling remains vulnerable to every twist and turn to the political saga over the UK’s exit of the European Union.


Transforming our payments infrastructure

The Bank of England is actively researching both how technology is changing financial services today (through our Fintech Hub1) and how financial services might evolve over the next decade