Reshaping Finance in Asia

Technology has become central to our lives, improving productivity and disrupting various sectors


AI will split society, Capgemini CEO warns

“We are all conscious that flexibility and cost will push us to automation and we need to have a large vision of where that will lead us in terms of human capital,’’ he said.


Information Technology and the Global Village

With the technological changes and new developments occurring every day, internet users no longer have to face the problems online that they had to face lately due to technical glitches, which resulted in frustration.


Lucy Frew's FinTech Column: December 2016 - Walkers

In this edition of her column, Lucy considers the FinTech and RegTech work strands of international, EU and UK regulators over the past 6 months and how they refl ect the challenges facing regulators not only to understand different types of business mode