The existential challenge of AI

As AI technology evolves into artificial super intelligence (ASI), it will erode many job markets, Hames warns.


Fintech firms look to Ireland

Ireland could be a location choice for firms in the burgeoning financial technology (fintech) industry post- Brexit, according to a report from KPMG.


IT’s future value proposition

IT is poised to play a new, more strategic role in companies, one that moves beyond support to create business value through technology-based business innovation and digital initiatives.


St. James’s Place – "Tech companies flying high"

In fact, US technology stocks had their own frigatebird moment back in 2000, reaching a stock market peak on 27 March of that year. Last week the S&P 500 Technology index, having risen 20% this year, finally topped that high for the first time.


The 50-year Banking Revolution by Geoff Cook

However, I would argue that the anniversary to really celebrate didn’t happen until five years later, when a technological transformation profoundly changed our interaction with cash and credit.


How the Wealth Management Workforce Will Change

Today, however, wealth management is one of the industries being rapidly transformed by technology, replacing what were once considered ‘core functions’, such as investment management and trust administration – with machines.