Coutts slams cryptocurrencies

Syed’s comments come as the prices of some cryptocurrencies have soared recently with wealth managers and private banks divided on the issue.


Ask Alexa by Penny Lovell

I will personally cash in my life savings to buy shares in the first company which comes up with a digital assistant that can pull off that miracle.


Robo-advisor platform revenues to surge: report

The report further indicates that the increase of more interested parties will urge total assets under management by robo-advisors upwards to $4.1 trillion in 2022, from an estimated $330 billion in 2017.


Ex-UBS CEO Defends Bitcoin

The token's rise underscores the fact that many citizens no longer trust traditional money and central banks


Bitcoin Is Now Doomed

If any investment rises 1000% in a year and suffers extreme volatility, questions must be asked.


Tech Trends 2018: Deloitte

It’s all CIOs can do to keep up with each new disruptive technology—blockchain, cognitive, digital reality—and incorporate them into specific organizational domains. But there’s a better way to understand and use today’s prof