How vulnerable is South Africa to cyber attack?

The panel (on 28 May, day one of the conference programme), will feature cyber security and regulatory specialists from the public and private sectors, as well as representatives from the banking and telecoms industries.


Maven leads investment in Symphonic Software

Symphonic has developed a fine-grained, context-aware authorisation software solution that enables organisations to securely share critical, time-dependent and sensitive information by managing access to data and services in the inter-connected digital ec


Security Myths You Need To Stop Believing

There is no such thing as a secure Internet connection because, wherever you are, there are thousands if not millions of hackers who are on the lookout for any vulnerable entry point to manipulate.


Cognition is key to combating fraud

One is fast and makes snap judgements about situations, and the other is a slower system that does the deeper thinking on more difficult problems.


Research finds in-house banking apps easier to hack

In 54% of the applications studied, it was possible to commit theft of funds or fraud while every bank was vulnerable to unauthorised access to sensitive bank information and clients’ personal data.