EU Corporate Banking Tech Lags Behind US: Report

The burden of document requirements has led the financial services sector to demand digital, automated solutions to address the regulatory need, with U.S. banks at the forefront of implementing such solutions.


Creating Impact—The Promise of Impact Investing

Investors’ appetite for impact investing—in which they seek to generate positive impact for society alongside strong financial returns—could total as much as $26 trillion, according to the report Creating Impact: The Promise of Impact In


Some open questions about open banking

The report’s premise is straightforward. The arrival of established technology giants, or Big Tech, on the financial scene could “affect the degree of concentration and contestability in financial services, with both potential benefits and ris


The hybrid model: the future of financial advice

Most analysts agree. Accenture’s report ‘The Rise of Robo Advice’ noted that most robo services, “won’t meet the needs of investors with even moderately complex financial lives.”


Financial institutions look to tech

The study also found that, in response to the challenger bank threat, bankers expect their organizations to invest heavily in new technology (40 percent) and updating legacy systems (34 percent) in 2019.


How Will People Bank in the Future?

The smartphone’s dominance in banking and of consumers’ communication, social, entertainment, health, shopping, scheduling and research lives is the perfect example of digital integration done right.


FinDatEx platform launched

The joint structure will build on the successful informal collaboration within the European Working Group.