Hedge fund billionaire backs bitcoin payment startup

Recent investor attention towards bitcoin has led to a surge in its price. The cryptocurrency has risen over 400% since last October and recently reached an all-time high above $56,000 per coin.


Zurich invests in InsurTech startup My Policy

This market growth has accelerated during the current COVID-19 pandemic as consumer driving habits have evolved, with various enforced lockdowns structurally changing the driving patterns of many.


Raisin strikes deal with Aviva

Aviva savers can pick and mix savings offers from a range of banks and manage them all fully digital under one roof on the Aviva Save platform


Hedge fund manager Plotkin's GameStop short, dissected

But the fund manager, trying to strike a contrite note by saying he has to earn the cash back for his investors, turned the lens around and cast himself as having been hurt by Main Street investors who ganged up on the professionals.


Barclays forms partnership with Smart Pension

Firms that sign up through Barclays will be able to offer their employees access to the bank’s proprietary Global Market Funds, which are managed by the same team of investment experts that look after Wealth clients.