Digital with a human touch

This person, being accustomed to how quickly we can access information in today’s world, also expects to access the information immediately without logging into various systems


Cash Is Dead, Long Live Cash

The march toward a cashless society, it seems, is unstoppable. Young people especially, as well as the better off and better educated, are increasingly at ease paying by card or mobile phone.


Banking On Wealth Tech

Several banks and global wealth management firms have made co-investments in wealth tech.


Rise of the technophobe - education key to tech adoption, says HSBC

The HSBC research report, Trust in Technology, shows that technologies such as fingerprint recognition, voice recognition and robo-advice hold enormous potential for uses from bank security to mobile payments and investment advice, yet millions of people


Wealth Platform Hits Record

The company’s growth has been underpinned by a strong team who are focussed on delivering better outcomes for advisers, their clients, licensees, fund managers, stockbrokers and shareholders.