SEI Teams Up With Leading Blockchain Company

The goal is to create a new asset transfer industry benchmark against which others competing in the space can be evaluated in terms of efficiency, costs, and security.


Digital wealth manager opens in the UK

UK residents can now open an account and have access to diversified investment portfolios in less than five minutes on wealthsimple.com or by downloading the iOS or Android app.


Royal Bank of Canada pilots AI-powered finance guide

Based on predictive analysis of individual behavior and spending patterns, the Personetics solution enables RBC to provide clients with an effortless way to maximize savings, while ensuring that sufficient funds are available to cover future expenses.


Swiss super-rich want slice of cryptocurrency boom

The main cryptocurrency players in Switzerland are companies that specialise in the new digital asset - but also increasingly, the ultra-wealthy or institutional investors, including some mainstream banks.


BBCI chooses the OLYMPIC Banking System

After a rigorous evaluation process, the OLYMPIC Banking System was selected based on its broad functional coverage and technological strengths.


Technology provider of the year: Privé Managers

Structured Products Asia Awards 2017: Risk profiling has grown in importance as the industry moves towards payment for portfolio advisory, making Privé Managers enormously innovative application of technology both timely and smart


Developing technology with advisors at heart

They balance the multiple roles, driven by common beliefs that advisors need better technology to stay competitive and that they can help them better than anyone else.