Big data vs. bad data

Big data is certainly not bulletproof and having a lot of information should not be confused with having credible information.


Crypto-currency and ICOs in the British Virgin Islands

As a result, ICOs offer an efficient and cost effective means of accessing mass capital for start-up or early stage enterprises or technology entrepreneurs which might not otherwise have access to capital markets.


Bitcoin Breaks Below $6,000 as Cryptocurrency Exodus Accelerates

The rout in cryptocurrencies intensified, sending Bitcoin to its lowest level since October, as worries over tighter regulation by U.S. authorities and central bankers elsewhere gave traders fresh reasons to sell after a brutal start to 2018.


Bitcoin: the tax question in South Africa

SARB has been the first of the two bodies to comment, noted Renwick. “Its view is that cryptocurrency does not fall within the ambit of their regulatory compliance.


U.S. States Join Forces on Fintech Licenses

Money business licenses are used by a wide range of young digital companies that provide financial services, from money transfer startups to bitcoin exchanges.