Citi Launches Chatbot in Singapore

Singapore bank OCBC introduced AI-powered chatbot «Emma» in 2016 to respond to customers’ queries on home and renovation loans, and has since raked in more than S$100 million in home loans.


Marsh joins B3i blockchain rival Ethereum

A blockchain or distributed ledger can serve as a shared record between counterparties and can coordinate and reduce complexity in their shared accounting and settlement processes.


6 out of 10 people would consider cryptocurrency investment

An increasing general awareness of cryptocurrencies and how they work, plus a growing sense that cryptocurrency regulation is now inevitable, are perhaps the main reasons why such a high percentage of people are now open to looking at the possibilities of


Big Banks Beginning to Sing the Crypto Tune

The interest that banks are showing in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is bound to be a boost of confidence for crypto traders and miners who had been rocked by the downturn witnessed earlier this year.


Bitcoin Accepted in Japan, Banned in China

Zhou's statement is an emphasis, after the United States on Thursday said the online trading platform of digital currencies “has the potential to break the law” so it must be registered with the regulator.


Could bitcoin become the next Swiss bank account?

“The normal person in the U.S. today can actually start using offshore banking with bitcoin if they have an account abroad,” Drake told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo during an interview on Wednesday.