The Crypto Millionaire Turning Coins Into Cash

Osborne’s next focus is another world-first—building an onshore shariah-compliant blockchain investment bank and crypto exchange in partnership with European bank, Union Bank AG.


Swiss Banks Soften on Crypto

Even the big banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, among the most reluctant to deal with the startups, seem ready to provide crypto firms with a business account under certain conditions.


Cryptocurrency: UK tax issues for fund investors

It is likely that the key tax issue for funds looking to invest in cryptocurrencies will be to determine whether the activity will be treated as an investment or trading activity.


Blockchain technology can avoid bank frauds

According to a report in United States Bankruptcy Court, Nirav Modi companies used funds raised from one bank to repay outstanding letters of undertakings (LoUs) from other banks in a vicious cycle that broke out only when the scam was exposed.