New regulated crypto exchange to launch in Hong Kong

The two powerhouses believe the new IronX Exchange will provide safe and easy access to the mass retail online trading market via a common trading portal where holders of the IRX token can participate in both crypto and traditional trading.


Bank of America cryptocurrency storage patent

While the bank is yet to make any comment on it, the patent envisions a future where cryptocurrencies are a common means of payment - and people are trusting third-party services such as banks to keep their cryptocurrencies.


The rise of crypto and token business

JP Integra leverages its offering and its legal and accounting skills with Cayman’s position as a key global crossing place for trade.


ASX says its blockchain will slice super costs

Announcing underlying net profit up 7.2 per cent to $465.3 million – helped along by a 46 per cent jump in the amount of capital raised by listed companies over the past year