HSBC launches Connected Money app

Connected Money also has a spending analysis feature, shows customers how much money they will have after bills, and in-app messaging for insight into finances.


Gruppo Banca Sella unit to acquire Vipera

SOFP was recently set up by Sella to act as a holding company for its fintech business, taking on the family-owned bank's POS, ecommerce and credit card acceptance business.


HSBC PH gets BSP approval

The HSBCnet Mobile app is a major step towards allowing chief financial officers, treasurers and their teams to work more flexibly and securely, while staying connected to their core functions and responsibilities.


Mobile banking and instant compliance

M-PESA not only disrupted the traditional financial systems, in developing countries, but it has also provided the impetus for others such as Apple Pay, Venmo, Android Pay and so on to be developed.


New Payment System Operator moves ahead

The 12 members of the End User Advisory Council [listed in full in notes to editors] have been appointed based on their ability to independently represent the interests of end-users, rather than any organisation.