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keys for success in Cybersecurity
Download this report to discover the keys for success in Cybersecurity in APJ in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. Based on an independent survey of 900 cyber and information security decision makers in APJ, the report reveals among other things:
by: SOPHOS | Date published : August 2019 [Download]
The future of trading solutions for EOMS and PMS
Make the Move to the Future of Trading
by: FIS | Date published : August 2019 [Download]
Address operational impacts and risks through component outsourcing services
In the quest to maximize portfolio returns in a sustained period of record low interest rates and yields, investments in complex asset classes are gaining greater acceptance among insurers and the asset managers that serve the insurance industry.
by: SS&C | Date published : August 2019 [Download]
Global Fintech Report
We use CB Insights to find emerging trends and interesting companies that might signal a shift in technology or require us to reallocate resources.
by: CB Insights | Date published : August 2019 [Download]
Future of Operations: Finding a Home for Fintech
Could new technologies free your workforce from ‘soulless business processes’ and allow them to focus on value-added client engagement?
by: Broadridge | Date published : July 2019 [Download]
Building Transparency with API / Open Banking
Financial institutions have long been accumulating precious data about customers and their transactions, without taking full, or in some cases any, advantage of the effective value.
by: ERI | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
The reality of digital banking in Europe
: Whose customer are you?
by: Economist Intelligence Unit | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Transforming the adviser-client experience
With some 60% of firms citing the need to improve the client experience as a high or very high priority for their business, wealth managers must listen and do more to engage with and retain their clients and continue to offer the best client experience.
by: Wealth Dynamix | Date published : January 2019 [Download]

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