Most Funded Fintech Startups of 2021: An Academic Overview

As the world of finance continues to evolve, we are beginning to see more and more innovative fintech startups emerging. This year, in particular, has seen numerous new players in the financial landscape receiving substantial investments. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the most funded fintech startups of the year so far, and exploring what makes them so successful.

Overview of Top Fintech Startups in 2021

The year 2021 has seen explosive growth in the financial technology sector, as several innovative startups have emerged, quickly making a name for themselves in the industry. Investors have been flocking to the sector, eager to capitalize on the latest trends and technologies. Here are our top picks of the most funded fintech startups this year.


Insurtech is one of the biggest growth areas of fintech this year. Zego, Lemonade, Laka and Nimbla are some of the companies leading the charge and doing particularly well. Zego is an insurtech company that provides flexible and on-demand business insurance, while Lemonade offers innovative insurance products for both consumers and businesses. Laka offers a revolutionary on-demand bicycle insurance, and Nimbla is an online platform that offers businesses protection from trading risks.

Open Banking

Open banking is also becoming increasingly popular in the fintech world due to its ability to help improve financial services with modern technology and data-driven processes. Companies like 7aweshly, Kopo Kopo and Experian are actively investing, combining customer data and analytics to offer a secure, convenient financial service. 7aweshly is a digital bank with a special focus on providing everyday banking experiences to small businesses, while Kopo Kopo provides an open banking platform for businesses. Experian is a global leader in consumer credit information services, providing services to banks and retailers to help manage credit risks.


Overall, the fintech sector is booming this year, with investment pouring into the sector from both investors and corporate entities alike. The top fintech startups of 2021 are embracing the latest technologies and services to revolutionize traditional banking and payment services, and invest their funds into innovate and creative solutions. As the sector grows, it’s expected that these startups will continue to make waves in the technology and finance space in the next few years.

Insurtech and open banking are two of the most revolutionary and dynamic areas of the fintech sector, and these companies are setting an example of what the future of finance may look like. Investors should keep an eye on these companies, as they could be the ones to reap the benefits of their innovative approach in the times to come.